Cloud services offer significant benefits to public sector organizations that want to update their legacy systems, increase collaboration, and control, and protect sensitive data. However, it is very common for many public sector organizations and government agencies not to be prepared to work in the cloud.

That doesn’t mean the cloud is out of your reach. In these cases, the use of a hybrid implementation of SharePoint Online and local SharePoint can be a good option.


What is and how does a sharepoint hybrid implementation work?

The concept of hybrid implementations has been an important topic in the IT universe, as a way for organizations to dive into the cloud without having to completely review existing infrastructure.

While the cloud delivers many benefits and hybrid solutions are a great way to harness the power of the cloud, there are some important items to consider when considering migrating to a hybrid SharePoint implementation.


What to consider in a migration to a hybrid Sharepoint implementation?


  • Migration: Migrating your data to a hybrid deployment can be a complex process, especially when it comes to entities tasked with protecting sensitive data. When it comes to migrating to the hybrid SharePoint, it is important to consider the amount of data you need to move.


  • Administration: Public sector organizations often need a higher level of control when it comes to permissions and governance, so SharePoint administration can be particularly challenging for the public sector. Hybrid environments are more complex than traditional local solutions, and this should be considered before switching to a hybrid implementation.


  • Compliance: Government agencies and public sector organizations have a multitude of strict compliance requirements, and sometimes IT decision-makers may not be sure that cloud technology is up to their expectations.


Public sector entities and government agencies don’t have to be nervous when it comes to accepting the cloud as a viable option,and a hybrid implementation can serve as a good intermediary between on-premises and cloud SharePoint applications. Although the hybrid may not be suitable for all organizations or agencies, there are cases where it is the most practical and appropriate option.

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