General Security and Privacy Policy

The protection of privacy and personal data is a clear commitment made by us and a priority for SOFTVENTURE.

This policy concerns privacy practices in the context of softventure’s regular activity, which includes portals, online websites and other services managed by this company. Personal data provided by interaction with our services will be processed with all security and confidentiality guarantees of the legal framework with regard to the protection of personal data.

Portals and websites under softventure’ tutelage, among its available services, may have links to other websites of external entities. Softventure’s Privacy Policy is intended exclusively for sites and services of its own responsibility. When accessing other entities web locations, if from the websites protected by SOFTVENTURE, you should learn about their privacy policies.

Access to and use of SOFTVENTURE’s services, portals and guardianship sites must be free by you. SOFTVENTURE assumes that you have read, understood and accepted the Terms and Conditions of its use.

The user undertakes to comply with applicable legislation, mainly in relation to computer crime and intellectual property rights. It will always be your sole responsibility to infraction these regulations. Any attempts to change the information, or any other action that may cause damage and endanger the integrity of the system, are strictly prohibited under the existing legislative framework.

Data Protection Officer

SOFTVENTURE has appointed a Data Protection Officer who can be contacted through the email address or by registered letter with notice of receipt for Rua da Alfândega N.78, 5ºB, 9000-059 Funchal.


The data requested from users on the websites protected by SOFTVENTURE are intended exclusively for the provision of the service requested by you, and unnecessary personal data necessary for the provision of the service is never collected – or your consent of the service itself. SOFTVENTURE fully and in the legal light respects the right to privacy.

Interaction with SOFTVENTURE services, portals or websites does not require any user information except for expressly identified purposes where registration is declared necessary and is then authorized by you under the following terms:

Responsible for Treatment

SOFTVENTURE as data processing is responsible for processing these duties:

  • The processing of personal data is carried out for the purposes under the motto for which they were collected or, in particular, for purposes compatible with those;
  • SOFTVENTURE Collects, uses and retains only and only personal data essential for the purpose then identified;
  • Personal data is not transmitted to third parties for commercial or advertising purposes;
  • These are personal data for legally provided purposes and/or for the execution of required services.


As a subcontractor SOFTVENTURE undertakes to process personal data contractualized with the entities responsible for the processing of data and compliance with privacy agreements.

Typology of Personal Data collected

According to the services provided can SOFTVENTURE collect: the IP address; the name; age; the tax identification number; the number of civil identification; the social security number; identification document number; the address; the e-mail address; the mobile phone number; other relevant identifying data, under early information to the individual or company to whom data is collected.

Softventure’s personal data subject to processing is of a different nature, attentive to the provision of services promoted on electronic platforms and other services under its management.

Personal Data Security

SOFTVENTURE uses a set of security procedures appropriate to the protection of personal data, protecting unauthorized access or disclosure, as well as a package of technologies adapted to this end, in particular:

  • Logical security measures in the component of access to systems and jobs through identity management mechanisms, authentication and privileges;
  • In the network component the use of firewalls and intrusion detection systems, segregating networks and application environments, as well as encrypting information through secure communication channels.

Access and control of your Personal Data

On request, we allow access, rectification and erasing personal data. All persons and entities with data collected also have the right to oppose the processing of their personal data.

Where the use of personal data is based on the effective consent, the user concerned has the right to withdraw his/her data, without compromising however the validity of the processing of data carried out so far.

Thus, and through the data protection officer( request:

  • Information about your data;
  • Information about processing;
  • The purpose underlying the treatment;
  • The correction, or update, of data;
  • Your data in an open format;
  • Erasing the data, without prejudice to the legislation applicable to the processing in question.

Personal Data Archive

Personal data is stored by SOFTVENTURE for a period of time deemed necessary for the respective processing, in accordance with the purpose for which they are intended.

These periods in which the data are stored change when the associated public interest, historical, scientific or statistical reasons justify it. SOFTVENTURE undertakes to adopt conservation and safety measures during that period.

Cookies and Similar Technologies

SOFTVENTURE uses statistical and collection tools as cookies and similar on its websites. These enable improved performance and user browsing experience. The purpose is intended to increase speed and response efficiency and also eliminate the need to repeatedly enter the same information.

The deposit of cookies helps websites recognize the user’s devices with each visit and become, by habit and ease, essential for the operation of websites.

These cookies used by SOFTVENTURE only keep generic information, such as the form or region/city of access, among others, and do not collect personal information that leads to the identification of users.

The cookies used on SOFTVENTURE websites and portals are:

  • Essential — which guarantee access to private areas in order to facilitate the performance of services — namely: session cookies.
  • Analytical -Important in the collection of information for statistical analysis of navigation and use of the electronic site, through common tools provided by third parties, such as Google.
  • Social Networks – which allow user identification, their availability in content and share them on networks such as:

– Facebook;


The information generated by cookies can be sent to third parties for trend analysis, navigation tracking and performance thereof. This submission does not allow you to identify anyone.

How to control the use of Cookies?

Users may prevent the use of cookies in browser settings. If you limit this option, however, the use of some features or the performance of certain tools may be conditioned.


SOFTVENTURE disclaims any liability for damages or damages, in the event of civil liability (including, but without limited damage, emerging damages, lost profits and moral damage caused directly or indirectly), which arise in consequence of the correct or incorrect use of its Services, electronic websites and their content, by you, including undue access to your computer and computer system by third parties.

The information disclosed should always be seen in its information.

In the services, websites and portals managed by SOFTVENTURE there are content and services made available by third parties, and the content update to these entities is responsible for updating content. Thus, SOFTVENTURE cannot be held responsible for the complete accuracy and timeliness of any information contained in its websites and the like.

There is a possibility that websites contain external links to third-party websites on which SOFTVENTURE also exempts itself from any liability.

The visualization of legal provisions on this website does not exempt the consultation of the legal rules in force, officially approved, published in the original editions and supports (namely the Gazette or the Official Journal of the European Union).

Changing security and privacy policy

These Terms and Conditions, which should be read with complete attention and understanding, may be changed, considering that the changes take effect from the date of their publication on this site,always making clear reference to the date of updating.

Applicable law and competent jurisdiction

These Terms and Conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with Portuguese law. The court of the Lisbon area, excluding any other, shall be competent to resolve any conflicts resulting from the interpretation and application of these Terms and Conditions.