One of the latest benefits of cloud computing is that this technology allows companies to benefit from the advantages of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This new technology, which is developing rapidly, offers remarkable development opportunities and which many companies have already begun to take advantage of.


We leave here some of the biggest advantages of Artificial Intelligence


  1. Automate customer interactions

Today, most customer interactions require human intervention, including email, social networking, phone calls and online chat. However, with Artificial Intelligence,companies can automate many of these communications. When analyzing data from previous communications, computers can be programmed to respond accurately to customers and handle their queries.

In addition, when Artificial Intelligence is combined with machine learning,platforms interact even more, making it even better in customer communication.


  1. Improve personalized shopping experiences

Companies are leveraging Artificial Intelligence because it allows them to offer personalized marketing to their customers, which increases engagement, helps increase customer loyalty and improve sales. Another advantage of Artificial Intelligence is that it is able to identify patterns in browsing habits and customer purchase behaviors, allowing companies to create highly accurate offers for individual customers.


  1. Data mining

Cloud-based Artificial Intelligence applications are so advanced that they can quickly discover important information while processing big data. This gives companies insights into previously unknown information, which gives them a great advantage in the market.


  1. Real-time assistance

Artificial Intelligence is fantastic for companies that need to communicate continuously with large volumes of customers during the day.


  1. Forecast results

Artificial Intelligence is excellent for predicting results based on data analysis. For example, it detects patterns on customer data that shows whether products currently on sale will be sold and how much. It also allows you to predict when demand for these products will decrease. This is key information to help a company buy in the right quantities.

This forecasting capacity is not only useful in the retail sector. Even in the banking sector, artificial intelligence is being used to predict stock price fluctuations. Extraordinarily, it is also being used in the health area, to predict outbreaks of infections through the analysis of posts on social networks.


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