The importance of software testing it’s imperative. Often, this process is ignored, so the product and business can be harmed. To understand the importance of software testing,we list some important points that explain why these tests are increasingly used.


Why are software testing increasingly used?


  1. Software testing saves money

Software testing has many benefits and one of the most important is cost-effectiveness. Including software testing in your project can save money in the long run.

Software development goes through several stages and, if bugs are detected in the early stages, it will cost much less to fix them. That’s why it’s important to run the tests as soon as possible. Obtaining testers or QAs that are technically instructed and experienced in a software project is a guaranteed return investment.


  1. Security

Another important point to add is security. This is probably the most sensitive and even most vulnerable part of all. Users’ information is often stolen or hacked. That’s why people increasingly look for reliable products.


How tests can help the safety of a product

  • The user obtains a reliable product;
  • Keeps your personal information and data secure.
  • Products without vulnerability;
  • Problems and risks are eliminated in advance;
  • Saves many problems later;
  • Sometimes even the smallest security problems bring huge problems to companies around the world, so it should always be important to guarantee high quality products to customers.


A year ago, the European Union adopted the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which stipulates that companies be more careful with the personal data of their users. The fines for mistakes are huge and companies must comply with the new regulation.


  1. Product quality

For your product vision to come to life, it has to work as planned. Following product requirements is imperative, to some extent, because it helps to get the desired final results.

It is very important that the product guarantees the promised value, so it should work properly to ensure a great customer experience. The development of an application, for example, has many processes included and software testing is intended for all the details.

Device compatibility – such as applications – is also checked for the various devices and operating systems. Software testingcompanies generally have many devices and tools available, to cover as many testscenarios as possible.

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